Our Services

Catapult Outreach current services for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault include immediate assistance and community education:

Legal advocacy – Provide court/legal advocacy services quickly in response to a crisis.

Individual counseling – To rebuild self-esteem and challenge unrealistic expectations.

Residential Service – Temporary emergency shelter for victims (women and children) of domestic violence. Referrals to permanent housing and self-sustainability.

24-Hour Crisis Call System – That will provide crisis intervention, advocacy services, counseling and information on domestic violence.

Support groups for victims – This ongoing communication not only helps victims to make sense of what they’re experiencing, but also provides support, validation, and resources from their peers who have been through the same things their experiencing or has experienced.

Community Partnership Services

Catapult Outreach advocacy program provides comprehensive holistic wrap-around services using multi-disciplinary teams including emergency shelter, counseling, housing, education and training, legal services, and partnerships with community organizations to ensure access to support services (i.e., food, health care, transportation).

We are currently serving victims of domestic violence. In particular,  we organized to serve people experiencing an on-going pattern of coercion, intimidation, and emotional abuse, reinforced by the use and threat of physical and/or sexual violence.

The primary goal of advocacy is to increase safety for victims of domestic violence. We do this by listening closely to individuals and connecting them with the information, resources, and support they may need to make their own informed decisions.

Advocacy involves working with a victims of domestic violence to identify their individual needs as they strive to live a life free from abuse. Then developing a course of action to meet those needs. This can range from supportive listening and evaluating risks to providing assistance when a victim’s abuser has been arrested and/or assistance in filing a restraining order when needed.

Advocacy also involves working to make the legal and social systems effective, fair and accessible to victims of domestic violence.

All advocacy services are free and confidential.

Community Outreach Advocacy & Awareness Sessions

We raise public awareness by responding to requests for our facilitators providing informational materials to civic groups, community organizations, businesses, schools, and colleges. You can request someone from COI to present on any of the following topics:

Understanding Domestic Violence
Men’s Use of Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships
Women’s Use of Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships
Teen Dating Violence
The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
How to Actively Address Domestic Violence
Community Involvement in Ending Domestic Violence

If you are interested in having someone from COI present please contact us at 803-792-9020