Jessica’s Story

Growing up in a household witnessing Domestic Violence from my parent’s marriage, I desired to move away. I wanted to meet someone and get away from the toxic household. I finally met a guy five years older than me. We dated for five months and he became my ticket out. We got married and moved to Norfolk, VA. I was proud to be a Navy wife. Within the first year of our marriage, I experienced Domestic Violence. He was psychological abusive, also known as mental or emotional abuse, involved using verbal and non-verbal communication to control me or harm me emotionally. Then it progressed to physical abuse lasting for three years.

God stepped in and rescued me. He provided a way of escape. I had attempted to leave frequently. People were telling me don’t go back to him. I kept going back, and he kept abusing me.

He filed a restraining order on me to protect his career. This became my way out. I realized I don’t deserve to be abused.

Today I’m free! I know how to love and how to be loved! I went through therapy for Domestic Violence. I got a relationship with God.

I’m praying that others escape their situations too! There is a way of escape, hope, and life after abuse.

Sherry’s Story