Executive Director

As a passionate Domestic Violence Advocate, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the crucial cause of raising awareness and providing support to survivors. My approach is multifaceted, actively engaging diverse communities, including religious, law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers, and educational institutions. Through collaboration and partnership, my goal is to foster a collective effort to tackle domestic violence and ensure that survivors receive the support they need.

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My advocacy work is grounded in a deep understanding of the lasting effects of trauma, guiding me to adopt a trauma-informed perspective. This approach allows me to offer comprehensive support services that recognize and embrace the unique experiences of each survivor, ensuring they are met with compassion and empowerment.

Within faith communities, I serve as a Faith-Based Advocate, breaking down misconceptions and addressing domestic violence within religious contexts. The aim is to create safe spaces for survivors to seek help and support. Through education and guidance, I empower individuals within these communities to take action against domestic violence.

In my role as a Legal Liaison, I collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies, providing advocacy and emotional support to survivors throughout the legal process. Ensuring that survivors’ rights are protected and their voices heard, my objective is to bring justice and stability to their lives.

My outreach extends to schools, where I am actively involved in educating students, parents, and educators about teen dating violence. By raising awareness about warning signs, promoting healthy relationships, and highlighting available resources, I aim to prevent domestic violence and foster a culture of respect and safety in schools.

My commitment to this cause is unwavering, and I look forward to continuing to make a meaningful impact in the lives of survivors and in the broader community.

Sherry T. Cribb is a highly esteemed publisher, author, consultant, and public speaker who has emerged as a prominent figure in the victim assistance field. Her remarkable journey from survivor to advocate fuels her commitment to making a meaningful difference for those affected by domestic violence.

Having experienced domestic violence and sexual assault between the ages of 15 and 21, Sherry draws strength from her personal narrative to advocate for change. Her dedication has earned her recognition, credibility, and mobility within the victim assistance field, as evidenced by her National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) Credentialed Advocate designation (CA).

Sherry’s compelling story is chronicled in “Acholi my Lover Part I & II Deeply Rooted,” published by Tullidge Publishing LLC. This publication not only shares her experiences but also serves as a source of inspiration for others navigating similar challenges. Sherry T. Cribb’s commitment to advocacy extends to her active contributions to various anthology books. Notable among them are “Signs, Wonders & Miracles Volume I and II,” “You Can’t Mute Me,” and “Strengthening Families Values.”

Through her written contributions, Sherry continues to amplify her voice and share her insights on topics ranging from faith and resilience to the importance of family values. These anthologies serve as platforms for Sherry to contribute to broader conversations, inspiring and empowering readers with her unique perspective and experiences.

In addition to her impactful writing, Sherry provides consultation, delivers keynote presentations, conducts training sessions, and serves as a court expert witness in the realms of faith leadership, victim advocacy, and business. Her expertise extends nationally, where she trains faith leaders, domestic violence advocates, and other professionals, imparting valuable knowledge and insights to empower those working to address and combat domestic violence.

Sherry T. Cribb’s journey from survivor to advocate stands as a testament to her resilience, and her multifaceted contributions continue to make a significant impact in supporting and empowering survivors of domestic violence.